Mars Rover Photograph Name Decode

Mars Rover Photograph Name Decode

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Enter a Mars rover Spirit or Opportunity filename and press blue button to see the analysis.

Example2: 2P288909089EFFB000P2448L7M1.html   Example3: 2P288909089EFFB000P2448L7M1
Example4: /all/2/p/1831/2P288909089EFFB000P2448L7M1.jpg
Example5: 1m131201618eff0500p2933m2m1.img.jpg

As long as the photo id is present (eg: 2P288909089EFFB000P2448L7M1), you should get a decoding of the filename.
If the items exists in our database, you will also get a link to the pds JPG image (if it exists)
and also a link to the marsrover.jpl.nasa image (if the original was not a URL from there)

The details of the decoding have been taken from this webpage Mars Analyst's Notebook User's Guide.

Please let me know if you find any errors in the decoding of your filenames. Also if you have any suggestions for improvements.