Mars Rover Super Name Lookup

Mars Rover Super Name Lookup

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Input a URL or photo ID and this program will use the database to find any Full Frame EDR images taken within 2 minutes either side. Using these items found in the database, it will try to get links to the marsrover site and also to the browse directory of the PDS.

If they exist, thumbnails will be displayed to show the images, and clicking on any of the links provided will open a new browser tab/window. Mouseover the links to see sol number and size of file. Results will not be complete if the relevant Full Frame data is missing from our database.

Results will probably take approx 30 seconds

Enter a Mars rover Spirit or Opportunity filename and press blue button to see the analysis.

Example2:1P232054887RAD827VP2423L257C1.JPG   Example3: 1P212963559ESF76EVP2588L234567M1

As long as the photo id is present (eg: 1P208524704RAD74ZTP2566L234567C1), you should get a decoding of the filename.
Since this program has to check the original sources to get the sizes, it will take a few seconds (15-30) to return results, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Some of the details of the decoding have been taken from this webpage Mars Analyst's Notebook User's Guide.

Please let me know if you find any errors in the decoding of your filenames. Also if you have any suggestions for improvements.